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Why Some Doctors Are Calling Hydrogen Water the Next "Miracle" Drink

If you ever took chemistry, you know that water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen (hence H2O). In recent years, wellness gurus have been taking the most basic and essential of beverages and adding supplementary benefits, with the likes of aloe, rose, and alkaline water on the rise. Now, a new trend in the States—although one that’s been in Japan for several decades—is looking to amp up the health factor of water, the compound that makes up the majority of your body—not to mention the planet. Almost ironically, it’s with the most simple of molecules: hydrogen.

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Natural (stable) pH Water vs. Artificial (unstable) pH Water

We will discuss in this article that an alkaline pH reading, when measured in drinking water, can be the result of either natural or artificial conditions in the water. I will also detail why it is only the naturally alkaline pH that benefits health, while the artificial variety causes problems; even though a pH testing device will measure both as 9.5, for example.

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