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Role of alkaline water in management of cancer

The main thrust in treatment of cancer is to embark on a life style change, the aim being to undo those things that have occurred in the body as a result of maintaining the wrong lifestyle. When dehydration is properly handled and the body becomes optimally rehydrated the following happens: the blood becomes less viscous and the circulation of blood becomes faster, oxygen and other nutrients will be adequately and efficiently delivered to the cells and cellular processes and functions will no longer be disrupted.

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What’s really in your local bottled water?

So why is the pH value of water important?

Recent health research and awareness is alerting peoples attention to the benefits of alkalinity in our food and water.

The body is highly tuned to maintain its own pH balance with the proper nutrients. When the body is not receiving enough alkaline minerals from water and food then it robs calcium from its bones to neutralise acidity. Once the alkaline mineral supplies become deleted then the body becomes overly acidic.

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