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The Debate For or Against Fluoride In Our Water Supply

Yes, there is a big debate about the practice of adding Fluoride to our water system and whether it is good for our health (teeth specifically) or if it is a way to push another neurotoxin down our throats, literally. Is the Fluoride that is being added to our water supply a waste product of large manufacturing plants? Did the Nazis add Fluoride to water in concentration camps to pacify the Jews? Did you even know there was a debate? Or, did you just accept that it was good for your teeth and move on?

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Fluoride Poison On Tap 2015 Full Documentary

Water fluoridation has been hailed by the CDC as “one of the ten great public health achievements of the 20th century.” However, the practice has been mired in controversy since it began over 70 years ago. Does water fluoridation actually prevent tooth decay, or have we been sold a lie? Join producers Paul Wittenberger and Chris Maple as they engage with world-renowned experts in exposing one of the biggest frauds the world has ever known. Together, they unravel the shocking secrets and deception of a corrupt industry that has been poisoning communities for generations. This surprising research creates a compelling case against the fluoridation of our water supplies, revealing long hidden health hazards, fraudulent findings, and corporate corruption. FLUORIDE: POISON ON TAP will inspire you to take action on a local and global scale before its too late! This film will feature: Dr. Edward Group Dr. David Kennedy Mike Adams Dr. Paul Connett Dr. James E. Rota Dr. Charlie Goetschel Karen Johnson Neil Carman Dr. Laura Pressley Chris Maple Gary Pittman Paul Wittenberger Mary Ellen Moore Jeff Green Dr. Doris Rapp Gianluca Zanna.

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