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Blue Jug of Fort Payne offers alkaline water - Fort Payne Times-Journal

Leonardo da Vinci said, “…water is the driving force of all nature.”

Jerry and Sarah Lockhart, father and daughter, know all too well the truth of these words. They are the owners and operators of the Blue Jug of Fort Payne, formerly the Water Tree.

Their store is located at 2133 Gault Ave. N. and has been in operation for three years. The store offers filtered, alkaline water at a reasonable price. The filtration of the water takes place right at the store.

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Natural (stable) pH Water vs. Artificial (unstable) pH Water

We will discuss in this article that an alkaline pH reading, when measured in drinking water, can be the result of either natural or artificial conditions in the water. I will also detail why it is only the naturally alkaline pH that benefits health, while the artificial variety causes problems; even though a pH testing device will measure both as 9.5, for example.

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