Why We Do What We Do

The reasons start with a clear understanding of what is at the root of the need for what we do. Why do we or anyone need to alter the available water anywhere? The same reason factories had to change what comes out of their smokestacks; the same reasons catalytic converters were put on cars, and the same reasons labels on processed foods have to tell the truth about contents. Ralph Nader built an entire industry around telling the country what was wrong with big cars, polluted air, and landfills. 

We simply try to make the public aware of the threats of the so-called “water system public water.” We don’t argue with the systems’ need to protect the water in the pipes and tanks against bacterias and other pollutants, because there has not yet been a way devised as low cost and efficient as the one in use in almost all cities and even for most countryside living. And we thank them for what they do to keep water from having to be boiled before drinking.

However, in light of what systems are mandated by governmental authorities to filter out, then add back into the water, it is important to understand why we should not drink “tap” water the way it comes into our homes!  From the tap comes water which was gathered and treated by first, a filtering process which can best be described as indiscriminate. Without thoughts to what is good in the water, filtering removes particulates deemed to be undesirable, but that takes many things out which could be useful—there is no separation possibility between good or bad by a filter. The process then leaves the water vulnerable to the gathering of harmful bacteria and other disease causing materials. So, a standard derived by the Food and Drug Administration demands chemicals be added to kill the harmful stuff, namely chlorine. Then, beginning about 40 years or so ago, the FDA approved systems were confronted by lobbyists to add another chemical, stating its “health benefits for children” (always a good ploy to get something passed onto the public.) That was the insertion of fluoride as an added benefit to chlorine. Fluoride can be proven to aid certain needs for strengthening our teeth. But, the fluoride being put into the water in most (not all) systems is neither natural nor is drinking it in water the proper use of it for benefitting anyone! 

About 10 years ago, a noticeable deficiency in the use of chlorine left most systems believing they needed to strengthen its affect, but the regulation could not allow more to be added. So, the idea to add a compound chemical aided their cause, hence chloramine is being added into most water systems. Chloramine is a combination of chlorine and ammonia. Sound like a good additive to you? Chlorine, fluoride, chloramine and more volatile organic compounds which these things form in water are all toxic to the human body. Somehow, the tap water doesn’t sound so safe, does it?

Removing those chemicals, as well as other pollutants (lead, etc.) is what we do. That takes the water down to nothing but H2O. And H2O is acidic, of no value and referred to as “dead water” by the Japanese. We do make it that clean, but we don’t leave it in that state, we add back in the good stuff. 

Many brilliant minds have determined the most important minerals for making the water to be the best it can be for human consumption—in our “new” industry, we add these minerals back into the absolutely clean water and produce “Water the Way it’s Meant To Be!”

More to come.