Is Alkaline Water Good For Pets?

First, our knowledge and experience with pets choosing alkaline water is regarding the natural process of making alkaline water. I don’t know if the results would be the same or even safe for pets to consume alkaline water that has been produced using an electric process.


Pets deal with a lot of the same acidic issues as we humans do such as arthritis, cancer, and more. Their problem is they don't have the option to choose better food or water for their health; that is our responsibility. And, whatever is placed before them they better eat before something else or another pet grabs it. It’s sad but most of the pet food we purchase from stores is a pet version of fast food. Blue Jug can’t help with the pet food option, yet, but, we can help with the water option for your furry friends.

Here are a couple of examples from our customers, of a simple change that may drastically help with the health of your pets…

Recently, a friend of ours was on vacation for a couple of weeks and he asked if we’d pet sit during that time. He has two elderly dogs that could barely get up off their beds. During his vacation we changed the dogs source of water from tap to natural alkaline water, and by the end of the two weeks the dogs were getting up with ease and running around in the backyard. 

Another customer had a precious Dachshund that had stopped drinking water all together. She started dropper feeding our natural alkaline water to make sure the dog was getting hydrated, and noticed right from the start the dog couldn’t get enough of it. In just a short amount of time of a few days, the dog was up and is doing just fine now.

As an owner of a Blue Jug store, we get to hear many personal health testimonies from our customers and testimonies about the health of their pets, too…just from changing the water they drink! 

So, go ahead and test your animals! Place a bowl of natural alkaline water down and a bowl of tap water next to it and see which they choose. We’ve had numerous customers do this and get the same results. Some have even shared that when they are out of the alkaline water and have to give their pet tap water instead, they get a strange look…especially from the cats!

Give ‘em natural alkaline water!  They’ll love you for it.