Why we do what we do...and a customer story!

THIS is why we do what we do! 

(When you change the water you drink to water your body needs and wants, it's amazing what happens to your health.)

This week, a couple of customers have shared with me in detail the amazing changes they have experience regarding their health, just because they changed the water they drank. Here's a brief from one of our customers: 

She is a regular, will come in every week or two to get her water. Has been drinking our naturally-made alkaline antioxidant water for 4 years. It's the only water she drinks. Has Lupus, had cancer, was taking Prednisone, had skin issues, etc. When she forgets to get her water, or goes out of town, the aches in her hands start coming back. 4 years ago a cancer doctor told her she would be back in his office if she tried any alternative treatments...but she hasn't been back, and only wants to go back to tell him off, ha! 

Our water is not a cure, in fact we can't say anything is a cure for fear of being sued, jailed or even killed. Yes, anything that helps with our health is a serious threat to the big guys. The best thing to do is remove yourself from their system by concentrating on 1. Drinking the best water possible, 2. Eating REAL food, 3. Eating LESS sugar and 4. Exercising more often...AND I've added an additional one 5. Remove any source of toxins which includes physical, mental and spiritual toxins that harm your well-being.

Pretty simple!