Role of alkaline water in management of cancer

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In last week’s Thursday edition of the Guardian Newspaper, I stated as follows: the following are the effects of dehydration and secondarily acidic waste products accumulation in the body: increased viscosity of blood and slow blood circulation, inefficient and inadequate delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, disruption of cellular processes and functions, elimination of acidic wastes from the internal and external environment of the cells is slowed down and the acidic wastes in and around the cells begin to accumulate.

Furthermore, these cells that no longer receive sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients die early and become added to the acidic wastes. Some of the cells may adapt to the new oxygen and nutrient deficient environment and lose their sophistication, becoming primitive and selfish. This is the beginning of the formation of cancer cells in the body. This is a suitable environment for the development and growth of cancer cells. Once again, the major culprit here is dehydration

The main thrust in treatment of cancer is to embark on a life style change, the aim being to undo those things that have occurred in the body as a result of maintaining the wrong lifestyle. When dehydration is properly handled and the body becomes optimally rehydrated the following happens: the blood becomes less viscous and the circulation of blood becomes faster, oxygen and other nutrients will be adequately and efficiently delivered to the cells and cellular processes and functions will no longer be disrupted.

Elimination of acidic wastes from the internal and external environment of the cells will be increased and wastes no longer accumulate in and around the cells. The early death of the cells associated with low oxygen and nutrients will no longer be the case. The environment becomes changed to one that supports healthy growth of the cells.
Rehydration and detoxification

As I have stated before, if you are not drinking between eight to twelve glasses of water daily [depending on your age, size and daily activities], you may already be dehydrated. For cancer patients not only do I suggest an increase in water consumption, I recommend alkaline water. Alkaline water with pH of 7.5 – 10 is usually adequate. The alkaline water is produced either by electrolysis or by adding an alkaline supplement to the water for drinking. Most importantly, you can get the natural mineral/alkaline water from the shops.

Rehydration is an integral part of detoxification, which is the eliminating of toxic wastes that may have accumulated in the body. These wastes as I have already stated, causes the environment of the cells to be acidic. As we rehydrate and detoxify, the alkaline water neutralizes the acid fluid in the body. Rehydration and detoxification change the internal environment making it alkaline with more oxygen supply, an environment devoid of acidic wastes. Such an environment is hostile to the cancer cells and kills them.

When the internal environment of the body becomes acidic with the positive protons predominating, the body becomes prone to weakness. It takes the negative energy-rich electrons found in the alkaline water to neutralize the acid in the body. Alkaline water with a pH of 7.5 to 10.0 will not only neutralize the acidity in the body, but will also shift the pH of the body to alkaline of more than 7.0. Weakness that is associated with diseases like cancer is attributable to the predominant positive protons that do not carry energy found in an acidic environment.

On the other hand, when the electrons of the alkaline water neutralize the acidity and increase the negativity of the body making it more alkaline the patient begins to increase in his energy level. Alkaline water should always be a part of the management of cancer. For cancer and indeed the chronic degeneration diseases, water plays very significant life-saving roles. All you are being called upon to do is not more than drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water religiously, daily. GOD bless.