To Drink Restaurant Water, Or Not

Ok, you're at a Mexican Food restaurant and you just decided to try their hot sauce on a chip.  The moment you crunch down, you immediately know somethings gonna burn!  Your margarita hasn't arrived from the bar and you're staring a glass of water with ice sitting in front of you.  What to do?


Grab a lime or lemon!

Water: Most restaurants have to have some type of filtration system for the water they give to patrons.  It's likely a carbon filter that removes some of the bacteria, viruses and just a little of the chemicals found in municipal water...but not all.  With municipal water you have to worry about chlorine, chloramine, fluoride and more that has been added "for our protection".  

Ice: In regards to the ice, there have been studies that have found the ice has more bacteria than a toilet!

Adding a little lime or lemon to your water is not only healthy for you, but will help kill bacteria or viruses that may be present in the ice or water.  But, the hot sauce may be doing that already!

So, I guess the smart thing to do, if you have to drink water from a restaurant is to always ask for water without ice and a slice of lime or lemon.