When Should You Not Drink Alkaline Water?

You’re not going to find many alkaline water enthusiasts telling you to not drink alkaline water.  In fact, most think you should drink it all the time.

I believe (and I want to hear you comments, please) that there are times when it is not beneficial for your health or digestion.

You might want to reconsider drinking alkaline water when:

Taking medication.

Alkaline water is micro-clustered.  Meaning, the water molecules are grouped together in smaller sizes and more easily or readily absorbed into your cells.  This is why alkaline water hydrates so well, but this benefit might also interfere with the prescribed absorption rate of medications.  Most water we normally take with medication does not penetrate the cell wall as easily or the medication is time released and the alkaline water could possibly increase the amount that is released and absorbed.  The recommended time to wait after taking medications and before drinking alkaline water again is 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Consider this - what might not be the best for medication, might be great for natural supplements.


I know what I’m about to say goes totally against what we all naturally do, even myself.  I’ve got to have something to drink with my food…but, it’s not the best thing to do for my digestion!  When we have a drink with a meal, it dilutes the natural digestive juices in our stomach.  But, but, but!!!  I know, we all want to have a nice cold drink to help wash it all down.  

Most alkaline water advocates will say not to drink alkaline water with a meal 30 minutes before and up to 1.5 hours afterwards.  But, they are talking about the electric type of alkaline water.  In regards to drinking naturally made alkaline water with a meal, well, people have been doing that for a very long time.  Most spring, mineral or well water is alkaline.  Plus, the minerals in our naturally made alkaline water can be considered food to the stomach, whereas the ions of charged water are not.

In conclusion, don’t take medication with alkaline water and if you’re going to drink alkaline water with a meal make sure it’s naturally made.